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The Marine Life Conservation Society was established in Heybeliada on 9 September 2015, under the name Adalar Sea Life and Sports Club Association. Our association, which carried out its activities under the name of Adalar Denizle Yaşam ve Sports Club until 2021, took its current structure with the process of corporate identity change in line with more inclusive goals. It has worked in the fields of transplantation and protection of corals endemic to the Mediterranean, clearing ghost nets from the seabed, biodiversity tracking, conservation of species and habitats, protection of underwater culture and heritage, arts and sustainable design in the Marmara Sea to date.

Our principle as the Marine Life Conservation Society; with scientific studies and projects, it aims to protect the future marine life with sustainable and fair methods.


Equality, justice, sustainability, respect and integrity in our structural dynamics and together with all these dynamics;

  • Developing projects in harmony with nature,

  • Adopting non-discriminatory and inclusive policies,

  • Having different perspectives in the projects it develops,

  • Respecting all stakeholders along with nature during cooperation,

  • Paving the way for decent economic growth,

  • Based on scientific studies and contributing to science,

  • As an association, we highly adopt these values.

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