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Coral reefs are as important to our planet as rainforests


With this in mind we have started the “Coral Guardians” project which is Turkey’s first and only coral transplantation project.


Yellow corals seen at depths of 25-30 meters in Yassiada and Sivriada were drastically affected by construction waste in the region, the abandonment of fishing boats' nets to the seabed and the recent heavy pollution.


We transfer corals with appropriate methods to Neandros Island (Rabbit Island), which is a protected habitat compared to the habitat in the Yassıada and Sivriada regions,


After the transplantation process is complete, we protect the area and observe the coral reef as it adapts to its new habitat. In these observations we make after the transfer we found that it has success rate of 75%.


The main goal of the association is to have the area where the corals have been transplanted to declared a marine protected area. We continue our continue our fight for this goal.

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